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Raiding philosophy
We aim to clear normal and heroic modes of raids before new content is released.
We expect everyone to be open-minded to others ideas then just guides and try these out to rule them out or to discover new strategies.


Raiding times and signup procedure:
  • Raid days: Monday and Wednesday.
  • Invite times: Invites are performed at 19:45h CET. Raids will last till approximately 22:30h CET.
  • Raid selection: Everyone is welcome to join the raids. Of course we expect raiders to be fully enchanted and gemmed, have flasks, food and pre-pots and have a decent iLvl for the raid.
  • Attendance: If you can't make a raid post in the AFK-thread on our forum.

Preparation for raids:
  • Be signed up on the in-game calendar as early as possible.
  • Be focused in the complete duration of the raid, bring your A-game.
  • Showing up and be ready to play ON time, repaired, enchanted etc.
  • Make an effort to gear up your toon.
  • Bring your own consumables: Healing/Mana/Stat potions (pre-potting is mandatory on harder/new bosses). Flasks and buff food for progression.
  • Keep the mandatory raid addons updated (DBM/BIGWIGS).
  • Be up to date with tactical discussions within the guild and possible guides which have been shared within the guild.

During the raid:
  • Vocal: We use Discord. You are expected to listen for the duration of the raid. You should also have a working microphone and be able to speak when critical situations occur.
  • General chat: Banter and loose chat are encouraged during trash, but only relevant comments are allowed during boss fights.
  • AFK: Being a family guild, ninja afk's are acceptable but only for good reason (kid cries, phone rings etc), but it is mandatory to advice the raid first. Repeated afk'ers may be replaced. Likewise, people with repeated PC/lag/connection issues may be replaced.
  • Break: We will have a 5 minute break every hour, limit your afk activities to this break.
  • Loot: We use grouploot with as guide: Need for main spec, Greed for off-spec, don't click disenchant.